CapEx Roofing’s Corporate Headquarters – A Commitment to a Greener World


CapEx Roofing’s Corporate Headquarters

At CapEx Roofing, we care about the world in which we live and work. In addition to our ongoing roofing material recycling initiative, the very building in which we’ve chosen to house our corporate headquarters further demonstrates our unwavering commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable environment.

Through careful consideration, we have chosen the Venture Accelerator Park in Olathe, Kansas as the ideal location of our national headquarters. There were a number of factors that ultimately led to our decision, the majority of which were directly related to the steps this particular location has taken in an ongoing effort to promote and support sustainability and environmental responsibility, from the responsible use of the ground and water features to the conscious reduction in energy required to operate the building. As a result, the Venture Accelerator building was awarded the LEED Gold Certification by the US Green Building Council in 2012.

Every element of the site has been expertly designed to reduce waste, such as storm water runoff, which also serves to prevent contamination and reduce other adverse impact internal operations may have on the environment. Inside the building, air handling, electrical and water systems minimize energy use on multiple levels and closely regulate flow. The use of low-E glazing also allows for daylight to reach 75% of the interior spaces without heating the building through solar gain.

The many energy efficiency efforts of the Venture Accelerator complex include heating and cooling via a lake-source heat pump system, an air handling heat recovery wheel which eliminated 100 tons of cooling equipment from the design and a lighting system that promotes efficiency through the use of motion detectors, dimmers, daylight harvesting controls and task lighting features.

Externally, the landscaping and surrounding site has also been developed with the goal of reducing environmental impact of the businesses housed within. These initiatives include but are not limited to: drought-resistant plantings throughout, including native grasses and meadow grass planted from seed; parking spaces paved with pervious concrete which allows rain water and snow to flow through and be stored for slow release; and the absence of a permanent irrigation system which is in line with LEED recommendations.

As a result of these strategic design efforts, the building and its surrounding site have effectively achieved a number of noteworthy results, including:

  • 20% reduction in water use from baseline
  • 28% reduction in energy use
  • 50% of unused construction material to be reused
  • 20% of new materials from recycled sources
  • 20% of new materials from regional sources
  • 75% of wood used from FSC certified sources

At CapEx Roofing, we believe that caring for the environment and taking appropriate measures to preserve our precious resources should be an integral part of the service we provide to our valued customers. We achieve this through a combination of our own sustainable business practices along with the key decisions we make in managing our company, including where our corporate headquarters is located. We are proud of the green initiatives we currently have in place and remain committed to our continued contribution to a cleaner, healthier world.

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