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Multifamily Roofing

57% Roof

The exterior surface of multifamily buildings is primarily roof which should provide the highest level of protection to your asset. Typically, it is most expensive single trade improvement.

Large Loss Claim

Large Loss Claims

$822,000 is the historical average cost of an entire multi-family roof replacement based upon the projects we’ve completed over the past 16 years. Our experience as large loss claim experts contributes to insurance approval with a scope of work that improves the asset and significantly reduces long term capital expenditures.

Quality Control

Cost of Poor Workmanship

54% of construction defects can be attributed to unskilled workers or insufficient supervision according to IOSR Journal of mechanical and civil engineering. In this case poor workman ship cost $149,760. Quality Control supervision is absolutely necessary on every job.

Safety in Multifamily Roofing Projects

Resident Awareness

Communication is the key to safe and happy residents. Safety zones, daily project updates, and expedited installations minimize the inconvenience. Our scalable and repeatable processes were developed specifically for multifamily roofing.